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Jorge Peral , 1955


Biographical Sketch:

Jorge Peral, engraver, was born in Texcoco, Mexico, on August 27, 1955. Art had been a part of Peral's childhood, and at 14 he began work in his father's advertising studio. He received a graphic design degree from the Escuela Nacional de Artes Plasticas of the National Autonomous University of Mexico. In 1978, he was awarded the Bank of Mexico Scholarship and this allowed him to study the art of engraving, and the design of security documents and bank notes for three years in Italy and Switzerland. In Lausanne, Switzerland, he completed his studies at La Rue Giori under the direction of R. Castagnioli. At the Bank of Italy, in Rome, he became acquainted with the production of engraving and security design and was taught by Trento Cionini. Upon his return to Mexico, he began producing engravings and designs for Mexico and other bank note companies. During his 17-year career at the Bank of Mexico he held various positions, such as designer, engraver and coordinator of the design and engraving department. He immigrated to Canada and became a Canadian citizen in 1995. Peral has been the art director at the Canadian Bank Note Company since 1995. He is responsible for the design of Canada's new 10-dollar bill (2001) - the first Canadian bank note to be completely created in Canada - and the five-dollar bill (2002). He is married and has two children and currently lives in Ottawa.


Jorge Peral, 2002. Photograph provided by J. Peral.
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