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Pierre Leduc , 1957

  Painter Illustrator

Biographical Sketch:

Pierre Leduc, painter and illustrator, was born in Valleyfield, Quebec, in 1957. A biologist with a degree from the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières, he worked throughout his student years as a zoological illustrator, specializing in entomological and botanical illustration. In 1981, while a student and working as an illustrator, he embarked on a career as a wildlife painter. His participation in two group exhibitions at the Montreal Botanical Gardens was his first great success, leading him to devote himself entirely to his art. Although acrylics are his favourite medium, he sometimes uses oils or lithography on stone. Most of the time, he works on one canvas at a time, although the idea for the next painting is already taking shape in his mind. Leduc says: "Often I develop an idea weeks or even months before I start painting. During that time, I try to think of the best way to represent my subject. I may change the composition, accentuate or tone down the colours, add or remove whatever I wish. In the end, the result is somewhere between interpretation and reality. This mental image becomes an ideal that I attempt to achieve (without ever doing so, I must say!). Although I am still fascinated and inspired by the beauty of nature, I no longer focus on the subject itself but instead on my research about lighting, composition and the movement of colours." Since 1984, Leduc has had a few solo exhibitions and has participated in 60 or so group exhibitions, primarily in Quebec and Ontario, but also in Europe, Africa and the United States. The quality of his work has earned him major collaborative projects with the Fondation de la faune du Québec, Wildlife Habitat Canada, Patrimoine-Nature in Madagascar, Parks Canada, the Royal Canadian Mint and Canada Post. He currently lives in Stoneham, near Québec.


Pierre Leduc, 2002. Photograph provided by P. Leduc.
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